Board of Directors

Why A.P.R.I.S.A?

Who We Are and Our Mission and Objectives:

We are the Association of Puerto Ricans in San Antonio (APRISA). We are a 50l(c) (3) non-profit corporation founded on 2009 to host and support social, cultural and artistic events and to promote a better understanding of our culture amongst San Antonians and future generations.

It is our main goal to offer non-traditional scholarships to persons of Puerto Rican descent and to special needs/learning disability persons, to promote their independence and higher education.  
We also participate and promote community involvement to make this, a better place for all.

We offer our members:
• Opportunities to fellowship with other ‘Boricuas’ and to celebrate our culture
• FREE or discounted tickets to all of our events
• Bi-Monthly Newsletter
• FREE or discounted advertisement rates in our newsletter
• FREE or discounted business link in our webpage
• Networking and Business Marketing opportunities
• Opportunities to get involved in our community
• Discounts from our Sponsor/Business Members
 Opportunity for positions of leadership

Who may join?

Our membership is open to all Puerto Ricans, their descendants and those with good character who believe in the principles of liberty and equality among all races who also support our culture and heritage. You don't need an invitation to join us.

We are here to enhance what other Puerto Rican organizations are doing in San Antonio and to sponsor more events throughout the year where we all can come together and experience our culture as if we were back home such as... Celebrating la Noche de San Juan.... el Día de la Constitución... ‘un jueguito de Domino’... una Noche de Bohemia ‘recordando el pasado’ enjoying our old but wonderful trio music and poetry... But most of all... doing this as a family so our younger generation will gain understanding and appreciation for our roots.

We also promote community involvement.  We come together to support the different causes and needs of our community.  We Walk for Alzheimer's and Race for the Cure; promote awareness among the Latino community, hold fundraisers and ‘GoRed’ for Women… We believe that every little bit helps. We work with other cultural minorities to share the riches our Latin cultures.

Our membership fee is $75/year per family and $55/year per person. We also offer Sponsorship opportunities. Contact us for more information.

Compare to other organizations here? I believe we are a little different but we all have a common goal... Educate, promote, preserve and share our culture as we also help those in need. 

“We want to 'live' our culture here at home... away from home.”

Association of Puerto Ricans in San Antonio 7272 Wurzbach Rd Suite 201, San Antonio, Texas 78240

Tel. (210) 497-5559